Pez Koin Principal

They are friendly,
love to run,
and expect to be adopted by you.

Pez Koin Segundario

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What is a koin?

A "Koin", as they’re known by the friendly nickname they merited on our planet, is a mystic alien NFT being. They are kind and joyous, and have a natural urge to compete in races with each other!

The Sacred Five

On the planet Kaskada, a group of sacred koi swam to the top of the highest waterfall, where they were bestowed with special powers. It is there they decided to travel to our world to begin a new era.


The Tenkai lineage derives from the Koin of the same name, one of the Sacred Five to have descended from the sky. Admiring a tenkai is like appreciating a sunset. His motions are graceful and unsurpassed.

  • Tenkai
  • Lumine
  • Hatsu
  • Maneki
  • Yume


All koins have a need for speed. Their minds are always on the track and it’s your duty as an owner to make them run so they’re happy. If they win, you win too!


Watching the koin swim is a pleasure in itself, but the beautiful tracks where the races take place are not far behind! These places are called Trackuariums, and you can own and customize them!


In order to procreate, two koins of the opposite gender must perform a ritual called Ai. Once that ritual is completed a koinie, a small koin that inherits the rarity of its mother, is born.

These koinies are ready to race from day one, and are tracked in a separate category.

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Q4 2021

  • Social Media Launch
  • Social & Communication
  • Brand Partnerships

Q1 2022

  • Pre sale
  • Whitelist Sale
  • First Drop
  • Influencers Partnerships

Q2 2022

  • Launch of private beta for early adopters only
  • Game Marketplace
  • Second Drop

Q3 2022

  • Open Beta for all public
  • Breeding
  • Leaderboards
  • Collection Leaderboards
  • Class Races

Q4 2022

  • Tournaments
  • Trackuariums Administration
  • Achievements

Q1 2023

  • Create your own Koins tanks
  • Collectionals NFT Rewards

Q2 2023

  • New games in Koins
  • Metaverse


We are an advertising agency with over 15 years of optimizing business strategies for some of the leading brands in America. We specialize in communication strategies, content production and developing technological solutions around playful interfaces. We experiment in gamifiable experiences aimed at entertaining and monetizing. We provide a comprehensive vision in the communication and dissemination of developments, taking into account all media, platforms and audiences.

Executive & Development
Juan Repetto
Marcelo de Benedetti
CEO US & North Latam
Braian Greno
Santiago Figueroa
Game Designer
Raffaele Ranaldo
Lead Developer
Alfonso Coeto
Blockchain Developer
Guido Comba
Game Developer
Mateo Tardini
Game Developer
Ignacio Pons
Frontend Developer
Sean Graham
Juan Ignacio Repetto
Victoria Podestá
Media Strategy
Marcio Stortoni
Social Networks
Manuel Ocon
Research & Strategy
Diego Cavalli
Creative Director
Diego Canale
Influencers Manager
Ignacio Crocco
New Business Director
Juan Cirulli
Project Manager
Marian Oderigo
Head of Art
Benjamin Busch
Illustrator / Graphic Designer
Gabriel Freidkes
Nahuel Condino
Melisa Eftimio
Eliana Muller
UX / Ui Designer
Joaquin Muriel
UX / Ui Designer
Fernando Villarroel
Graphic Designer
Leonardo Basile
Illustrator / Animator
Logotipo Koins